This page contains all the available packages and entry points for @atlaskit/pragmatic-drag-and-drop related packages.

At this stage we are using entry points rather than exporting everything from the root of the package to ensure that everybody gets the best possible bundle size without needing to rely on tree shaking.

Required core package

Optional packages:

  • hitbox: Add additional impact information to a drop target when it is being dragged over (plain js)
  • react-drop-indicator: Used to render drop indicators (eg lines)
  • flourish: Minor effects to make drag operations more delightful (eg flash on drop) (plain js)
  • auto-scroll: More delightful automatic scrolling during a drag operation (plain js)
  • react-accessibility: Opinionated react components for adding common accessibility controls
  • live-region: a helper for announcing messages to screen reader users
  • react-beautiful-dnd-migration: enables rapid migrations from react-beautiful-dnd to Pragmatic drag and drop
  • react-beautiful-dnd-autoscroll: automatic scroller port from react-beautiful-dnd (deprecated in favour of auto-scroll)

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