Lozenges highlight the status of an entity for quick recognition. Specific colors denote meanings that users can learn and recognise across our systems to become more efficient.

Lozenges come in 'standard' and 'subtle'. Use standard lozenges by default. Consider using subtle lozenges for long tables with repeating lozenges, or when lozenges start to dominate the screen. Don't mix standard and subtle lozenges on a screen.

Lozenges can reveal more information on click or on hover.


Name Standard lozenge Subtle lozenge Description
Default DEFAULT DEFAULT Used for a generic status or state
Success SUCCESS SUCCESS Items that are successful like a closed issue in JIRA
Error REMOVED REMOVED Items with problems or that have been removed
Current IN PROGRESS IN PROGRESS Items currently in progress or current
New NEW NEW Items in a new or created state
Moved MOVED MOVED Items that have been moved