Atlassian Design System is a collection of UI components, foundations, and standards that help teams build beautiful product experiences.

This page lists the most important things you’ll need to do to start writing and designing UI content with Atlassian Design System.

An image showing the Atlassian Design System logo on a dark background with a star-like grid in the background, with a set of concentric hexagons containing iconographic representations of Atlassian Design System's foundations: colors, icons, typography, border radius, sizing, and layout.

Learn the Atlassian product voice and tone

  • Reflect the Atlassian brand and personality using the voice and tone principles.

  • Use words and phrases that include everyone by following the inclusive language guide.

  • Check the words we use in the Atlassian vocabulary (only accessible to Atlassians).

Follow UI content standards

UI content standards are the patterns that help teams write and design content for UIs.

Our products use UI content standards from Atlassian Design System and our other design systems to build user experience (UX) patterns (for example, a log-in form).

  • Find specific UI content standards (for example, button microcopy) in Components.

  • Get accessibility, color, and iconography requirements in Foundations.

Access Figma libraries and brand assets

  • Find Figma libraries, plugins, and resources in Figma tooling.

  • Download fonts, illustrations, presentation kit, and templates in the Brand Creative Library (only accessible to Atlassians).

Use the product design principles

Make decisions about how to apply UI components and patterns with the product design principles.

Learn about Atlassian’s guidelines for documentation

Atlassian Design System has standards and guidelines for UI copy in Atlassian products.

Other Atlassian teams maintain the technical and support documentation standards:

Get help

How to contact us.

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