Learn to design with the Atlassian Design System

Use the following guidelines to make consistent and distinct Atlassian product designs:

  • Foundations: Our colors, grid, and basic visual styles

  • Components: All of our UI elements explained, including design usage guides

  • Content: Guidelines for written content across Atlassian products

  • Patterns: Larger experiences made of smaller components and styles

Get started with Figma tooling

Our Figma tooling contains the latest foundations, components, and patterns for designing and building Atlassian products. To access the libraries plugin, see Figma tooling.

Find components outside the Atlassian Design System

If you cannot find what you need within the Atlassian Design System, check the following resources:

Get support

Atlassian employees can contact our team for help.

For now, non-Atlassian designers can reach out by commenting in our Atlassian Figma Community libraries.

Need to migrate to design tokens in Figma?

If you need to move your designs from old colors to design tokens, please see our migration guide.

Migration guide

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