The palette

    • Lime

    • Red

    • Orange

    • Yellow

    • Green

    • Teal

    • Blue

    • Purple

    • Magenta

  • Light mode neutrals

    • Solid

    • Alpha

  • Dark mode neutrals

    • Solid

    • Alpha

Picking colors for dark mode

Neutral colors are set up in a way that makes it easy to convert a light theme to a dark theme. If you use our design tokens to apply colors, this mapping is done for you.

There is a light neutral ramp and an equivalent dark neutral ramp. Neutral100 in the light neutral ramp should equate to DarkNeutral100 in the dark neutral ramp.

How light neutral ramp maps to dark neutral ramp in light and dark mode respectively.

Saturated colors are also easy to convert from a light theme to a dark theme using symmetry. We currently have 10 swatches set up in each palette. If the swatches are divided in half, each half becomes a mirror.

How colors in the blue ramp maps across light and dark mode.

For instance, if a button color is 700 in light theme, it will be 400 in dark theme. If a section message background is 100 in light theme, it will be 1000 in dark theme. Design tokens will handle these conversions for you.

Screenshot of a Confluence page, which is shown half in light mode and half in dark mode. The button background uses B700 in light mode and B400 in dark mode. The section message background uses B100 in light. mode and B1000 in dark mode.

Using symmetry is a great place to start and will cover most use cases. However, it may not work for all use cases and color mapping can be adjusted accordingly.

Dedicated to

These colors have been dedicated to honor the memory of Rosie and Alexandria, and will be woven into Atlassian products and design for years to come.

Red300 - Alexandria

Alexandria reflects genuine love and dedication.

Magenta300 - Rosie

Like its namesake, Rosie makes the world a brighter place.

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