We speak our minds by quickly offering solutions that will be useful to our users, right now. To help them do the best work of their lives, we inspire and push teams to try new things by simplifying complex problems into easy to understand pieces. With a familiar tone, clear language and a solid knowledge of our audience, we craft messages that get teams moving in the right direction, then we get out of their way.

Our voice and tone

Be bold

Motivate teams to do their best work. Offer best practices to get users going in the right direction. Be bold and offer just enough help to get the work started, and then get out of the way. Give accurate information so users can make educated decisions. Know your user's struggles and desired outcomes and give just enough information to let them get where they need to go.

Be optimistic

Focussing on the details gives people confidence in our products. Weave a consistent story across our fabric and be diligent about vocabulary across all messaging by being brand conscious across products to create a seamless flow across all the things. Let people know that they can jump in and start working expecting to find a dependable experience across all the things. Keep teams in the loop about what is happening by informing them of relevant features, products and opportunities for success. Be on the journey with them and highlight the key points that will help them the most - right now. Be in the moment by focussing attention on the important bits first.

Be practical, with a wink

Keep our own story short and give teams just enough to get moving. Get to the point and be direct. Be concise - we tell the story of how we can help, but we do it directly and with purpose. Be on the lookout for opportunities and be quick to offer a helping hand. At the same time realize that nobody likes a nosy neighbor. Give the user just enough to know that something awesome is around the corner and then get out of the way. Write clear, accurate, and concise text that makes interfaces more usable and consistent - and builds trust. We strive to write text that is understandable by anyone, anywhere, regardless of their culture or language so that everyone feels they are part of the team.

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