Use these messages when you want to provide more information without disrupting someone’s work or requiring them to take action.

An info message needs to leave your reader feeling:

  1. Informed

  2. Helped and supported

  3. In control of their situation

Information messages may be used to communicate a change in state or important information about an experience or feature. Get right to the point and say why it’s important.

Tips and tricks

  • Get right to the point

  • Say why it's important, then let them get back to work

  • Keep the information useful and don't disrupt your users experience with the message

Voice and tone

Inform the user about something that might happen or impact them. Then let them get back to work. Based on the situation, you can add more of a “wink” to your message, but keep it clear and concise.


This flag informs the user they were logged out due to inactivity. It’s personable, informative and offers a clear action to log back in.

Information flag informing someone they have been logged out. The call-to-action is to login.

This message is used to inform the user and give a reason behind an empty state.

Empty state encouraging an admin to add people to a Jira project space.
  • Flag

  • Inline message

  • Section message

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