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The Atlassian Design System values and principles embody our shared beliefs and goals. These values and principles define our vision for the future of Atlassian Design System.

Our vision

Our vision is to be the cornerstone of crafting quality user interfaces in Atlassian products. We're on a mission to make it easy for teams to design, develop, and deliver high-quality Atlassian UI.

Today, we're hardening our foundations. This means evolving our design language and infrastructure for the future of Atlassian design, through things like tokens.

Our values

Our values drive us to create things that are foundational, harmonious, and empowering to use.


We solve common problems and provide a foundation for teams to build on. We avoid consistency for the sake of consistency and reject infinite flexibility.


Our building blocks work together to create products that feel familiar, cohesive, and part of a family. We build trust through consistency and purpose.

Empowering, for everyone

We strive to make our design system work for everyone who relies on it, regardless of discipline, skill level, or tenure. By enabling as many people as possible to use the system, we multiply our impact.

Our principles

Our principles guide our actions to align with our values.

1. Trusted fundamentals before comprehensive patterns

  • We solve common foundational problems first, enabling teams to focus on whole product experiences.

  • We provide opinionated building blocks, allowing designers and developers to compose complex experiences that remain distinctly Atlassian.

  • We build with heart and balance, ensuring quality through research and clear standards for accessibility, responsiveness, and enterprise scale.

2. Meet system needs before delivering individual features

  • We don’t stop at shipping — documentation, support, tooling, and maintenance are part of a harmonious experience.

  • We bring in many perspectives to shape our design language.

  • We finish what we start before starting something new. We're informed by continuous feedback.

3. Bring people on the journey before helping for the moment

  • We bring teams and products into our process to build trust, share understanding, and co-create solutions.

  • We prioritize the best service experience. We provide the right amount of resources, support, and context.

  • We optimize for self-service. We help teams make decisions independently and with confidence. We want everyone using our system to become a design system champion.

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