Our promise articulates how we deliver on our mission, and reflects the value proposition we offer customers.

Our teamwork solutions enable an open way of working, freeing the flow of information, deepening interpersonal and organizational connections, and enhancing trust, which increases the limits of what teams are able to achieve together.

How do I apply our promise to my work?

Just as everything we do should be in support of our mission, everything we do should fulfill our promise.

The first, most vital question to ask yourself here is: does what you are doing break our promise? If so, it might be worth sparring the intent of the solution a bit further to ensure there’s alignment on why it goes against something so fundamental to Atlassian’s value proposition.

Other questions you might ask are:

  • How does your solution help teams increase the cross-flow of information and build trust?

  • How does your solution adapt to address teams of all shapes and sizes?

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