Design for server

At Atlassian, we want to create harmonious experiences for our users. We solve challenging interactions once, and then apply the solutions consistently across our product suite - making sure users only have to learn them once.

Our guidelines have space for flexibility, and are continuously revised and expanded to suit changing product needs.

Designing for Atlassian Cloud products? Check out these guidelines.

What's new

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30 January, 2018

The Atlassian Design Guidelines have been split for Cloud and Server products. provides the Cloud guidelines, and provides the Server guidelines.

This site is getting a series of content updates. Not all foundations, components and patterns have been revised yet, but will receive updates over the coming weeks and months.

New patterns

  • The “How we design”, “Onboarding”, and “Native Apps” sections have been removed.

  • The “Layout” and “Grid” foundations have been removed.

  • The “Charts”, “Dynamic tables”, “Keyboard shortcuts”, and “Labels” components have been removed.

  • The “About page”, “Activity stream”, and “Reveal text” patterns have been removed.

Updates and bug fixes

  • The Atlassian brand and marketing guidelines are available from

  • The “Avatars”, “Dropdowns”, “Inline Dialog”, “Modal dialog”, and “Progress indicators” components are under revision.

  • The “Avatar uploader”, “Comments”, “Focused tasks”, “In-product help”, “Mentions”, “Progress tracker”, “Sidebar”, and “System notifications” patterns are under revision.

  • This site has been upgraded to use AUI version 7.6.0.

  • Updated site typograhy to align with server product guidelines.

  • Updated site navigation to use the canonical AUI vertical navigation pattern.

  • Removed the “hybrid” option from the Layout foundation.

  • Updated the Modal Dialog component guidelines on dialog dimensions.

  • Several hyperlinks have been updated to point to the right places. No more 404’s!