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What problem does this solve?

Product emails are used for a vast range of purposes. Their core task is to inform users about news and actions that are directly relevant to them.

When and how to use this pattern

Product emails are by necessity very flexible. They are mainly used to:

  • Notify users of changes to content that they have subscribed to or been involved with
  • Share content
  • Reach out or contact

Some emails allow the recipient users to reply directly via their email client.

Structure of a standard email

Email example
Email segment Detail
Email subject line (not part of image above)
  • Include trigger action in subject
  • In square brackets: Include the product that the email has come from
  • Example: [Confluence] Mufasa mentioned you in "Discussion: Hyena infestation"
  • Title in H2
  • Summary of why the email is being sent
  • Includes reference to what triggered the activity. The trigger action is in bold
  • Variation: Include a picture of the user who triggered this action. The picture links to the user's profile
  • Placed in a white container with a 1px #cccborder
  • Icon of the type of interaction (see Iconography)
  • Email title: in H2 linking to the content that triggered the email
  • Email body: actual change, message, or general content
  • Email actions: Up to three 'next step' actions can be included at the bottom of the container. Use icons and links, with a middot as separation
Contextual area
  • The content should provide relevant contextual information and can take many forms, depending on the trigger reason of the email
  • A maximum of two lines of text
  • Link to stop only this notification
  • Link to manage all notifications of this kind or in this area
  • Information about where the email was sent from
  • An Atlassian logo if sending from an Atlassian product

Contextual examples

Email example

Email example

Email example