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What problem does this solve?

The about page pattern describes how to show version, copyright and licence information to users.

How to use this pattern

All products and add-ons must make version, copyright and licence information available. This information should be placed on a single 'About' page for each each product (e.g. 'About JIRA').

A product's 'About' page should contain:

  • The product logo and description
  • Version, copyright and licence information for the product itself in the format below
  • Version, copyright and licence information for each installed add-on in the format below

This means that each product must provide an 'About' page in such a manner that add-ons can append their 'about' information to the page. There should only be one 'About' page per product.

Required information

The product and each add-on should include the following information on the 'About' page:

  • The name and version of the product or add-on in question (e.g. 'JIRA v6.0')
  • A copyright statement from year of first publication to year of current release (e.g. Copyright © 2002 - 2013 Atlassian Corporation Pty Ltd)
  • Applicable license information including links to any licence directories

Linking to the 'About' page

The 'About' page should be accessible to users in a prominent place within the system by placing:

  • An 'About [product name]' (e.g. 'About JIRA') link in the Help menu within the application header
  • If there are add-ons installed, an 'About installed add-ons' link in the Help menu that deep links to the add-ons section of the 'About' page


About pattern example

What happens if…

  • …I need to display credits or other release notes (e.g. 'What's new')? Show any other application information in a separate page or dialog (e.g. credits page). The 'About' page should only contain the information described above.