Before you begin, please remember that these guidelines are built upon others:

Application layout

Application layout
Inactive state:
the hover state still applies to traffic lights even in the inactive state.
Hover state:
hovering over one traffic light should trigger all three hover states.
Default state:
retain the blue bar as a container for the User menu in full screen mode.
the sidebar is mostly application specific. It may have icons or expand/collapse states. Highlight states should follow the ADG grays and blues.
Sidebar actions:
this space is reserved for adding to items that populate the sidebar. Editing or deleting items in the sidebar should be done through a context menu (right click).
use the standard badges.
The toolbar can be subordinate to the sidebar but does not have to be, depending on the IA needs. Use button toggles instead of tabs to change the view.

General guidelines

Use rounded corners

Use gradients for toolbar buttons

Use default context menus where possible

Use Atlassian icons

Use default keyboard shortcuts before custom app shortcuts