Contributions are only open to Atlassians

At the moment, we're only accepting contributions from internal Atlassians. If you're an external maker and have some feedback, let us know in the feedback collector below, and we'll take it on board.

Our design system is a library of content, design guides, code, and tools to help you make Atlassian product experiences.

A design system is never complete. It depends on contributions from Atlassian product teams. Read this page to learn how you can contribute — we’d love your help!

How to get involved

You can get involved in two ways — participation and contribution:


We want open lines of communication between the design system and the products consuming it. You can:

  • Ask a question in our Slack help channel, #help-design-system.

  • Attend our fortnightly Design System sparring sessions to get more robust feedback from a systems lens.


It is currently difficult to contribute to the design system — we understand and are working on improving this.

We are currently accepting contributions through:

  • Fixes, such as a bugs in the code, erroneous Figma library components, or confusing documentation sentence changes.

At this time, we are unable to take these types of contributions:

  • Small enhancements, such as adding a new icon to the existing icon library. This change doesn’t break existing behavior and can be confined to minimize impact across the design system.

  • Major enhancements, such as adding a new feature to a component, or altering the timeout on a Flag requires system-wide coordination. This impact can be seen across code, design, and guidelines.

  • New components or patterns, such as data visualization.

Why large contributions are currently not accepted

Considering a design system component or pattern takes time. We have to think about every product and its use case, multiple brands, API design, and guidelines that apply to everyone.

Empowering you to ship value to your customers is a priority. To avoid being a bottleneck, we’d love to be involved in your product implementation through our participation channels.

If you need to add something or believe something is missing, get in touch through our participation channels above so that we can offer support and connections.

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