A collection of tools, kits, plugins and guides to help simplify the creation process for our users.

Color palettes

Our colors come in a variety of modes such as RGB, CMYK, PMS and file formats for various applications.


Contributing to our design system – a library of content, design, tooling, and code for products.

Design principles

Our design principles reflect our design philosophy and underpin how our digital experiences unleash the potential in any team.

Figma tooling

Our Figma libraries contain the latest foundations, components, and patterns for designing and building Atlassian products.


Our fonts have been chosen to communicate in a way that helps our users achieve their goals.

Illustration library

A catalog of our visual storytelling assets.

Logo library

Atlassian’s official logos and lockups for all programs, properties, and products.

Presentation kit

Our complete kit of presentation assets in Keynote and PowerPoint includes graphic assets, sample decks, and more.


Various print templates such as posters and letterheads.

Values and principles

Values are our fundamental beliefs (what we hold true), and principles exist to guide our behavior (how we achieve those values).